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Dr Tom HallAbout myself


Hi.  My name is Dr Tom Hall, and my medical specialty is Anaesthesia.

I am part of a local group of anaesthetists named “Old Vic Anaesthetists”.  We are all individual practitioners, meaning that the group has no role in allocating surgical lists to us or in deciding for us how we do things, and each of us does things slightly differently.  We do share consulting rooms (based in a professional suite at Calvary St Vincent’s Hospital) and we share secretarial staff.  The Old Vic Anaesthetists group also has a website:


I completed most of my anaesthetic training in Newcastle and the Lower Hunter between 2008 and 2011, and became a specialist at the start of 2012. 

I then worked as a specialist anaesthetist in Queensland and NSW for short periods before returning to Launceston toward the end of 2012.

I have not always been a Tasmanian – I grew up in regional South Australia and moved to Adelaide to study at university to become a doctor.  Toward the end of my university training, Adelaide experienced its hottest summer on record (2000-01 – anybody living there that summer remembers it!)  I spent the next summer in Tasmania, liked it, and moved here permanently at the start of 2003 to work as a doctor for the first time.


About this website


This website is still under construction


I am continuously working on this website to improve its aesthetics and also to improve its information content.  I have got it to the stage that I am happy for the public and for my past and future patients to browse it, but it is still not the final product.  You would not believe how much work it is to build a website for somebody that does not know much about computers!


This website is an information website.


I do not have the time, resources, or technology skills to operate an interactive website (such as a “blog”), or an all-in-one website where accounts can be paid online.  I do, however, have an email address for this website –, so if you wish to send me an email then please do.  I do not monitor this website daily or even weekly, and I cannot guarantee responding to your email in a timely fashion.  If you need to contact me about your upcoming operation, please do not email me, but phone my rooms on (03) 6331 5299.